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Colloidal Silica Oil refining – FCC

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Colloidal Silica Oil refining – FCC

Oct 12,2015
Our Fusaike CA products contributes to the mechanical strength of the FCC catalyst structure and facilitiates efficient mass transport in the catalysts

The strong binding ability of colloidal silica contributes to the mechanical strength of the catalyst structure and in particular to the attrition strength of the catalyst. This results in increased mechanical stability and extended catalyst lifetime. The strong binding ability is primarily related to the high specific surface area of colloidal silica and its reactivity with various oxide and inorganic mineral materials.

Colloidal silica also has an effect on the mesopore size in FCC catalysts, enabling efficient mass transport. The specific surface area of the colloidal silica and the gelling rate are parameters that can be varied to affect the mesopore size.

We have been developing Fusaike CA products for use in the production of catalysts for the oil refining industry for over two decades. This experience and our global manufacturing network has made us a trusted world leading supplier of high quality colloidal silica.

Our recommended Fusaike CA product for catalysts used in oil-refining (FCC)




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