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For Paper and Packaging

For Paper and Packaging
Fusaike Colloidal Silica is a key component in the paper manufacturing industry. 

It is used to enhance the frictional and printing properties of board stock. Images printed on paper treated with colloidal silica are crisper and clearer. Finally, colloidal silica is a common retention and drainage aid used during paper manufacturing.
The use of colloidal silica in paper manufacturing began little more than 30 years ago, but today this is more than likely the largest single industrial use of colloidal silica.

Colloidal silica can be used to create an anti-slip surface on paper and packing materials. The higher coefficient of static friction (slide angle) makes stacking and handling of finished products simpler and more efficient.

When used to coat inkjet and photo paper, as well as packaging materials, colloidal silica produces a porous surface coating that readily accepts water-based inks. This coating significantly improves the printability on these products – printed images are crisper and clearer, and the ink is less likely to bleed into the paper.

Finally, colloidal silica is a critical component in the “wet end” phase of paper manufacturing. It facilitates flocculation of cellulose fibers, improves water drainage and ultimately increases the dry strength of paper products.