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Increasing surface roughness
Increasing the coefficient of friction of a surface is called frictionizing. Fusaike Colloidal Silica, added to waterborne coating formulations, or applied directly (sprayed) onto substrate surfaces, interacts to produce a higher coefficient of friction on the treated surface.

Benefits when using Levasil Colloidal Silica
1. Increased frictional coefficient
2. Easy to use
3. Safe handling

How it works ?
This higher coefficient of friction is produced in two primary ways:

When introduced into an aqueous coating formulation, colloidal silica is transported to the coating film through capillary action during drying of these coatings.

When sprayed onto a surface, for example to create anti-slip surfaces on paper, colloidal silica stays on the substrate surface without penetrating deep into the substrate.
After drying, the surfaces in both cases are populated by the small silica particles, increasing their surface roughness and thereby the coefficient of friction.