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Keeping surfaces cleaner
glass cleaning Colloidal Silica

Anti-soiling is very important in exterior coatings. The better these coatings resist soiling, the fresher and cleaner they look. And when cleaning is required, dirt is easily removed by rinsing.

Additionally, when Fusaike Colloidal Silica is used in glass cleaning products, water is less likely to form droplets or fog on the surface, so called anti-fogging.

Benefits when using Levasil Colloidal Silica

1. Increases hydrophilicity/wetting
2. Safe handling
3. Easy to use

How it works

Dirt is attracted to surfaces that are hydrophobic, in other words, afraid of water. When surfaces are more hydrophilic, or water loving, dirt is repelled. This is called anti-soiling.

Silica particles in colloidal silica dispersions have many surface hydroxyl-silanol groups, which are very hydrophilic. Thanks to the enrichment of colloidal silica particles in the coating surface you get a less tacky and more hydrophilic surface. This means that water forms a film on the surface, allowing dirt to run off with the water.