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For Refractory Fiber Bonding

For Refractory Fiber Bonding
Fusaike Colloidal Silica allows for greater intricacy of casting designs, and its high temperature tolerance, resistance to thermal shock, and chemical inertness make it very useful as a binder in a variety of refractory fiber bonding (RFB) and ceramics casting applications.
Manufacturers within the RFB and ceramics industries know that the tolerance of products to high temperatures is of paramount importance. To ensure this tolerance, the production of such insulation products requires a safe and reliable binder.

Colloidal silica offers the perfect functional profile for these purposes thanks to its ability to withstand continuous operating temperatures of 1500°C with little shrinkage, excellent tolerance to thermal shock, and chemical inertness.

Commonly used as a binder in the manufacturing of large, molded, high-temperature insulation parts/blocks – mainly for steel, aluminum and glass industries and manufactured in a vacuum-forming process – colloidal silica will also increase the strength and resistance of products to oxidation and corrosion.