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Improving the output

The efficiency with which images and type can be printed onto a surface is referred to as a medium's printability. Improved printability means that ink colors and images hold to surfaces better and are less likely to penetrate the material below.

Benefits when using Fusaike Colloidal Silica

1. Improved wettability
2. Increased ink adsorption
3. No ink bleeding

How it Works?

In the simplest of terms, when Fusaike Colloidal Silica is used in coatings applied to both paper and plastic films, it enhances printability by improving surface hydrophilicity, resulting in better retention of waterborne inks.

For inkjet paper, positively charged (cationic) colloidal silica is used in coating formulations. When allowed to dry, the silica agglomerates with a small amount of binder to create a porous coating with excellent dye fixing properties.