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Fusiake Colloidal Silica Emission control

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Fusiake Colloidal Silica Emission control

Sep 25,2015
Clean air and efficient use of resources are critical concerns for the world today. Catalysts play an important role in society to meet these challenges.

Fusaike Colloidal Silica is a truly versatile component in catalyst manufacturing, providing advantages such as extended lifetime, higher productivity and better use of rare raw materials, making it possible to do more while using less.

Through our global network of manufacturing facilities, we provide our professional partners with a reliable supply of high purity and consistent quality colloidal silica.

Our Fusaike Colloidal Silica portfolio covers the full range of properties such as particle size, surface area, size distribution and surface modification. The diversity of our portfolio allow us to deliver the perfect colloidal silica product for your application.

Fusaike CA - serving the catalyst industry

The catalyst industry is highly demanding and our Fusaike CA product portfolio is specifically designed to meet and exceed its wide range of requirements. Thanks to their high purity and product consistency, our Fusaike CA products are ideal components in catalyst manufacturing. We offer products with very low levels of chlorides and sulfates, ammonium stabilized products with low sodium levels and products excellent as raw material in zeolite production – products that can be used for many different catalyst types.

The foundation for this is our extensive experience with colloidal silica. We have been developing catalyst solutions for over 10 years and our strong RD&I pipeline is driven by our customers’ needs.