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What is Colloidal Silica ?


What is Colloidal Silica ?

Update Time:2019-10-01
What is Colloidal Silica?
Colloidal silica made by FSK consists of dense silica particles suspended in aqueous medium. These particles are spherical and uniform in size. They do not have any internal structure of their own and are totally amorphous. These particles are discrete and non-agglomerated. FSK produces colloidal silica with particle size ranging between 7 to 35 nanometers. These stable aqueous dispersions of colloidal silica are available in silica concentrations from 20 to 50 weight%.

Colloidal Silica is readily soluble in water in all proportions. It has a low viscosity, which is comparable to that of water. The individual silica particles get thoroughly dispersed in water.
The silica obtained from colloidal silica is pure and amorphous in nature. Compared to sodium silicate the total alkalinity is negligible. Hence it produces a refractory effect greater than that of ceramic fiber / ceramic grain itself.

The amorphous silica particles in a colloidal silica system are discrete and are non-agglomerated. They ultimately produce excellent thermal bonding in the various high temperature applications up to 1200 oC and higher.
Our products are characterized by their exceptionally low viscosity and excellent stability.
Colloidal Silica is available in many grades.
The concentration of Silica varies from 20 wt% to 50 wt%.
The particle size range produced by FSK is between 7-35 nanometers.